About The Creator

I am a multi-disciplinary artist specializing in fiber and metal arts. I have nine years of experience working as an independent designer and fabricator, creating one-of-a-kind pieces for a wide array of individuals. My love for creativity and self-expression has allowed me to be a walking advertisement for my work, as well as, being a positive influence on the individuals I have had the blessing of interacting with.

My art process is unconventional. One piece will be based on a concept or idea then fully designed around that, while others, I am a tool the material uses to transform into something of its own design. The most enjoyable process of creativity is the hands-on portion, being able to manipulate the materials is extremely satisfying. To me the most important step to the creative process is allowing change and flow to happen naturally. When this is allowed without resistance the final project will seem effortless to those who view it.